Magic Melon Live Resin

Humboldt Farms

Humboldt Farms - Magic Melon Live Resin - 1g

Magic Melon Live Resin

Humboldt Farms

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  • THC: 78.25%


Magic Melon | Live Resin | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | Mango Trees x Honeydew Melon x Mango Sherbet | 1g | Magic Melon is a tropical fruit lover's dream. This sativa leaning cultivar was bred by the Humboldt Seed Company, the same seed bank that is known for strains like Blueberry Muffin and Humboldt Headband among others. Magic Melon is described as having a honeydew melon or cantaloupe flavor and the aroma is sweet, fruity, and earthy. Be ready to feel the magic when you take a Magic Melon toke, it hits hard and may bring out your inner philosopher. A good choice for creative activities and social events.