91 Chem x Animal Cookies Sugar



91 Chem x Animal Cookies Sugar


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  • THC: 83.19%


Chem 91 | Sugar | Hybrid | Chemdawg x Skunk #1 | 1g | Chem 91 is a Chemdawg and Skunk #1 strain. This cultivar has an aroma of chemi-diesel, skunk, and pungent musky earth. A heady and psychoactive high with relaxing body effects that satisfies both indica and sativa lovers alike. Animal Cookies | Sugar | Indica-Dominant Hybrid | Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG | 1g | Animal Cookies is an indica leaning hybrid that is made by crossing GSC and Fire OG. Animal Cookies is a union of celebrity strains that has been praised by smokers and cultivators alike. Animal Cookies has an aroma of sour, nutty, pungent earth. Flavor is described as a nutty herbal taste with notes of sweet and sour. Consumers report an unfocused, floaty, euphoria when using this strain. A calm body relaxation and giggly haze.