Orange Cookies Pre-Roll


Jetpacks - Orange Cookies Pre-Roll - 0.5g

Orange Cookies Pre-Roll


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  • THC: 16.61%


One .5g Hybrid pre-roll enhanced with kief- the sticky crystals that give Jetpacks that extra hit of THC. If you're looking to take off and feel as if your head is in the clouds, this pre-rolls promises lift off from anywhere, first class. Orange Cookies is a surprising and delicious hybrid that boasts an overpowering smell of fresh and tangy citrus complimented by a peppery herbal kick. This strain burns smooth and has a pleasantly sugary-sweet taste on exhale with a hint of funk. The high takes hold quickly and imparts a buzzy and energetic feeling in the head. This rush is soon met with a palpable body high that is relaxing without being too heavy or immobilizing. As you settle into the high, you may feel motivated and more thoughtful than usual -- but this strain’s stoney indica feeling keeps you grounded, preventing you from careening into an overly cerebral, paranoid experience. Because of these well-rounded effects, Orange Cookies is a great strain for enhancing active pursuits like hiking or exercising, as well as more contemplative, creative tasks. It is as enjoyable as a daytime “wake and bake” strain as it is at night. Sharing this strain’s citrus goodness with friends or enthusiastic acquaintances is sure to win you some gratitude.   Strain Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Orange Juice.  



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