Infused Firewalker OG Pre-Roll

Jetpacks x Hi Octane

Jetpacks x Hi Octane - Infused Firewalker OG Pre-Roll - 0.5g

Infused Firewalker OG Pre-Roll

Jetpacks x Hi Octane

$8 / 0.5g

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  • THC: 33.62%


Firewalker OG | Infused Pre-roll | Hybrid | Skywalker OG x Fire OG | .5g | Firewalker OG is a sativa dominant hybrid from the OG Kush family that is a milder version of most OG's. Firewalker OG is characterized as a spicy floral aroma, hitting on notes of pine and soil. A hard-hitting strain that is spicy with a non-aggressive kush flavor. As soon as you ingest the feeling of lightheadedness overwhelms the cerebrum. You will feel your mind and senses awaken and will find it easier to concentrate and focus on the task at hand Blast off into the outer limits with the latest addition to Jetpacks collection. These brand-new half gram Hi-Octane joints are always boasting 30%+ THC and are packed with blended flower loaded with kief and stardust (shatter). There's no bigger bang for your buck anywhere in the galaxy!