Infused Superman OG Pre-Rolls

Jetpacks x Hi Octane

Jetpacks x Hi Octane - Infused Superman OG Pre-Rolls - 5ct

Infused Superman OG Pre-Rolls

Jetpacks x Hi Octane

$35 / 5ct

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  • THC: 34.99%


Superman OG | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Tahoe OG x Bubba Kush | 5ct | Superman OG is an indica dominant hybrid with unknown origins, like many strains that have lost their breeder, Superman OG's lineage is still a hot topic for debate amongst the community. Superman OG's flavor profile is described as a spicy, musky, soil smell, with tones of pine and gas throughout. An indica to the core, Superman OG's sedating and numbing effects are known to combat the toughest migraines and insomnia. Featuring a high-powered combination of strain-specific blended flower, loaded with kief and sprinkled with Stardust©, our proprietary shatter infusion, these high-potency 0.5 gram pre-rolls always test at over 30% THC!


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