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Jetty Extracts - Tangie Pax Pod - 0.5g

Tangie Pax Pod

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  • THC: 80.00%


Tangie | Cannabis Oil Pax Pod | California Orange x Skunk #1 | 0.5g | Tangie has taken the cannabis industry by storm in the past decade. Producing new crosses utilizing it's distinct clementine tangerine aroma and flavor. Tangie is unmistakably recognized by it's sativa effects and classic citrus orange fruit smell and taste. Remember back in school, when someone was eating a tangerine in class, and it made the room smell like a citrus grove, that's about what tangie's aroma effect is like. Flavor is just as big, Tangie tastes like biting into a ripe, juicy tangerine. Reported effects are an uplifting and happy high. Cerebral effects include euphoria, focus, and upliftment. Tangie is a great choice for stress, anxiety, or encouraging appetite.