Trainwreck Cartridge

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Jetty Extracts - Trainwreck Cartridge - 0.5g

Trainwreck Cartridge

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  • THC: 85.38%


Trainwreck | Cannabis Oil Cartridge | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | (Mexican x Thai) x Afghani | 0.5g | Trainwreck is a mind-melting sativa-dominant hybrid made by classic sativa strains from Mexico and Thailand, then crossing the result with an Aghani indica. Aroma is described as mainly earthy and piney with notes of pungent lemon and wood. Flavor is very piney with notes of sweet lemon and wood. One of just a handful of classic cannabis strains, this cultivar laid the groundwork for many headrush, energizing sativa strains. Mainly sativa, this strain still has a mellow, melty body high. Head effects are uplifting and energizing, a creative energy is apparent as well.


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