Bay Dream x Blue Dream Infused Pre-Roll Pack


Kingroll - Bay Dream x Blue Dream Infused Pre-Roll Pack - 4ct

Bay Dream x Blue Dream Infused Pre-Roll Pack


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  • THC: 42.00%


Bay Dream | Infused Pre-Roll | Sativa | Bay 11 x Blue Dream | 4ct | Bay Dream is a sativa cultivar made by crossing Blue Dream with Bay 11. This sativa strain is known for its intensly stimulating head high. Aroma is described as mellow sweet pine, while flavor is a little more complex, touching on notes of blueberry, citrus, lemon, and sweet pine. Users report a mind clearing effect that brings the user into lifted focus, a general energized feeling is felt throughout the body. A great choice for wake and baking or a pick-me-up during your daily activities. Blue Dream | Infused Pre-Roll Sativa | Blueberry x Haze | 4ct | If ever a strain took the industry by storm this would be it. The Blue Dream Movement started in the mid 2000's and hasn't stopped since. This tasty sativa has a fruity blueberry flavor and pleasant hazy euphoric high that sends users into a positive mindspace. An uplifting cultivar, Blue Dream is a great choice for a wake and bake or daytime use, it won't create a sedated lethargic effect, it's also noted some consumers use it for creative activities.