Jungle Cake x Zookies Infused Pre-Roll Pack


Kingroll - Jungle Cake x Zookies Infused Pre-Roll Pack - 4ct

Jungle Cake x Zookies Infused Pre-Roll Pack


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  • THC: 46.12%


Bubba Kush | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Afghani Origin | 4ct | Bubba Kush is a cultivar shrouded in mystery. Poor documentation of this cultivar's lineage has left its origins to legend, however many cultivators agree it has the characteristics of an Afghani Indica. It is also rumored from an L.A. breeder that this cultivar was bred from an OG Kush being crossed with a phenotype of Northern Lights that was brought back to California during Mardi Gras. One thing is for sure, this is a favorite strain among smokers and cultivators alike. Bubba Kush is described as having a pungent, earthy kush aroma with notes of sweet hash. Flavor is a sweet pungent earth base with notes of woody, sweet coffee. Bubba Kush effects project a happy euphoria and energizing cerebral boost, a haze falls over the body and mind keeping the user happy and cozy in a blanket of THC. Gelato #41 | Pre-Roll | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC | 4ct | Gelato #41 is an indica dominant hybrid with a creamy vanilla and fuel filled aroma. This pungent strain has been making waves around the cannabis industry as a solid building block for many exotic strains. The aroma of gas and vanilla has a way of elevating other strain's terpene content and flavor. With euphoric and relaxing effects, this cultivar is an excellent choice for relaxing with a movie or responding to chronic pain.