Kosher Kush x Sky OG Infused Pre-Roll


Kingroll - Kosher Kush x Sky OG Infused Pre-Roll - 1.3g

Kosher Kush x Sky OG Infused Pre-Roll


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  • THC: 49.44%


Kosher Kush | Infused Pre-Roll | Indica | OG Kush x Unknown Genetics | 4ct | aka Kosher OG | Bred by award winning genetics company DNA Genetics, this heavy indica is well known to the cannabis awards circuit as it holds High Times best indica for 2010 and 2011 while also winning best strain 2011. Rumored to be the first commercial cannabis strain blessed by a Rabbi, this OG Kush dominant strain's unique scent is undeniable. An overall earthy OG, the Kosher Kush also expresses notes of wood, pepper, herbs, and spice. A heavy og taste on the inhale and a peppery hoppy flavor on the backend. This variety produces a powerful, lazy body buzz; blanketing the user with heavy sedation. These effects make it great for pain relief, sleep, and depression. Sky OG | Indica | Infused Pre-Roll | Private Reserve OG x Skywalker | 4ct | Bred by Grown Rogue, this cultivar is a heavy combo of PR OG and Skywalker. Sky OG's aroma is described as sweet lemon pine and musky earth, a classic OG palette of flavors. Consumers agree, Sky OG is a heavy sedating indica that will create laziness and lethargy. Do not smoke if you plan to go do something, you might never ever get off the couch!