Lava Cake x Granddaddy Purple Infused Pre-Roll


Kingroll - Lava Cake x Granddaddy Purple Infused Pre-Roll - 1.3g

Lava Cake x Granddaddy Purple Infused Pre-Roll


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  • THC: 48.08%


Lava Cake | Infused Pre-Roll | Indica | Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies | 1g | Lava Cake is an indica cultivar made by crossing Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies. This strain packs a relaxing high with a sweet flavor. Aroma is described as earthy grapes, and spicy fruit with a touch of mint. Flavor is just as complex, hitting on notes of grapes and nuts, an overall sweet fruity taste. Lava Cake eases it's users into a state of cerebral euphoria and creativity, while relaxing the body but not into the point of sedation. Granddaddy Purple aka Granddaddy Purps aka GDP | Infused Pre-Roll | Indica | Purple Urkel x Big Bud | 1.3g | California loves it's purple strains and GDP is a standard in classic purple strains. Created almost 20 years ago in San Francisco, Granddaddy Purple has been a solid indica choice for smokers far and wide. Almost identical to it's cousin Grape Ape, GDP has an overwhelming grapeness to it, with a spicy, earthy undertone. A powerful indica, GDP hits the body and mind equally relaxing and sedating both making it an excellent sleep aid or pain killer.