MAC1 x Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll Pack


Kingroll - MAC1 x Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll Pack - 4ct

MAC1 x Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll Pack


$36 / 4ct

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  • THC: 33.68%


Banana Sherbet | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Banana Kush x Sunset Sherbet | 4ct | Banana Sherbet is the perfect choice for someone who wants a fruity, delicious flavor in an evenly balanced hybrid. Made by crossing Banana Kush and Sunset Sorbet. Sweet and Sour earth tones set the aroma. Flavor is described as a creamy, fruity, sweet citrus. The High from Banana Sherbet brings on a motivating and energizing high that uplifts and creates a social energy. MAC 1 | Infused Pre-Roll | Alien Cookies 2 x Miracle 15 | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | 4ct | MAC 1, also called Miracle Alien Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid that uplifts and focuses. The MAC 1 Capulator's Cut is only shared with select cultivators, a move not seen many times in the industry, but a smart one at that. Keeping the circle of qualified MAC 1 cultivators small ensures the quality of this special cultivar. MAC1 is described as having an aroma of creamy diesel funk. Flavor is just as fuel laden and unique, touching on notes of diesel, skunk, cream, and spicy herbs. Consumers report a surge of upliftment to the brain, followed by a tuned in and focused high. Eventually leading to waves of happiness and euphoria.