Sherb Crasher x Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll Pack


Kingroll - Sherb Crasher x Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll Pack - 4ct

Sherb Crasher x Banana Sherbet Infused Pre-Roll Pack


$36 / 4ct

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  • THC: 48.90%


Sherb Crasher | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Sunset Sherbet x Wedding Crasher | 4ct | Sherb Crasher is a balanced hybrid with creeping effects and tasty parental lineage. Made by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Wedding Crashers, this cultivar has a lot going on with flavor. A fruity berry flavor and creamy vanilla is picked up from it's Wedding Crasher parent and a sour citrus flavor from the Sherbet. Aroma is described as fruity with a hint of pungent gas. The high is a combination of immediate and creeping effects. Starting in the mind before creeping into the body. Effects are described as a giggly sense of euphoria that will leave you happy and carefree, followed by a relaxing body calm that brings you down but doesn't drain your energy. Banana Sherbet | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Banana Kush x Sunset Sherbet | 4ct | Banana Sherbet is the perfect choice for someone who wants a fruity, delicious flavor in an evenly balanced hybrid. Made by crossing Banana Kush and Sunset Sorbet. Sweet and Sour earth tones set the aroma. Flavor is described as a creamy, fruity, sweet citrus. The High from Banana Sherbet brings on a motivating and energizing high that uplifts and creates a social energy.