Sweeties x Zookies Infused Pre-Roll


Kingroll - Sweeties x Zookies Infused Pre-Roll - 1.3g

Sweeties x Zookies Infused Pre-Roll


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  • THC: 44.38%


Sweeties | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | The White x Tahoe OG x Girl Scout Cookies | 1.3g | Sweeties is a hybrid strain made with a three way cross of the White, Tahoe OG, and GSC. Aroma is described as diesel heavy citrus, with a sweet floral smell, and notes of herb. Flavor is a lemon, honey sweetness, with floral and sour notes. Sweeties was bred in collaboration by Kush 4 Breakfast and Archive Seeds. Many users report an uplifting euphoria to the mind, a general happy energy enters the body and mind leaving the consumer feeling uplifted, euphoric, with a tranquil buzz. Zookies | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Animal Cookies x Gorilla Glue | 0.5g | Zookies is a hybrid strain that takes the Gorilla Glue strain and brings it into a more cookie mindstate. A combination of GG4 and Animal Cookies, this strain is described as having the aroma of floral earth, with a rich spicy cookie overtone with hints of tropical fruit. Flavor is described as sweet fruit cookies. Zookies provide big cookie flavor and a potent high, many consumers report a mind-bending potency in the cerebral effects, also reported as a relaxing euphoria.