Kings Cake

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Kings Garden - Kings Cake - 3.5g

Kings Cake

Kings Garden

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  • THC: 26.59%


Kings Cake is a deliciously potent hybrid from Kings Garden, created through crossing the classic Grand Daddy Purple X Mystic Gem strains. Flavors of tangy earth blend with notes of grape and berry, with pronounced citrus overtones upon exhale. Effects are quite balanced once settled, though they begin with a focused, cerebral jolt of energy. Not long after, the high settles into a pleasant, relaxing body buzz. This strain is an excellent choice for those looking for both good flavor and potency. Every plant Kings Garden grows is slow-dried and cured for 14 days in a strictly controlled environment untouched by human hands. This guarantees the flavor, terpenes and stickiness you expect. Every bud is harvested by hand by their team of 100+ expert trimmers to ensure its trichomes are never damaged and that each bud and unique strain maintains the exact size and shape nature intended. Their proprietary, painstaking process that ensures every grow of every strain maintains the exact same flavor, smell – and most importantly – the exact same satisfying effect every time. They're not here to reinvent the wheel of weed - their goals are much higher. They're here so you can fall in love and stay in love today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Once you discover the quality and consistency of Kings Garden, anything else becomes just anything else.