Pie Hoe x Wifi Cake Live Shatter

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Pie Hoe x Wifi Cake Live Shatter

Kings Garden

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  • THC: 79.21%


Pie Hoe | Live Shatter | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Grape Ape x Tahoe OG | 1g | Pie Hoe is an indica dominant hybrid that sits just on the indica side of the spectrum. This cultivar is popular for it's fruity pie flavor. Aromas are pungent and include berry, fuel, and vanilla tones. Pie Hoe's high is described as an energizing high that uplifts but eventually crashes into heavy sedation. The best of both indica and sativa. Wifi Cake | Live Shatter | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Wifi x Wedding Cake | 1g | Wifi Cake is a combination of two popular cultivars, Wifi and Wedding Cake. Wifi or White Fire OG is a heavy OG kush phenotype and lends an earthy, musky skunk aroma, while the wedding cake brings strong pulls of creamy vanilla gas. This combination creates a sweet nutty gas that keeps on giving. Effects are described as uplifting and cerebral.