Chem Scout x Oreoz Infused Pre-Roll Pack

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Chem Scout x Oreoz Infused Pre-Roll Pack

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Chem Scout | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Chem 91 Bx1 x Girl Scout Cookies | 5ct | Chem Scout is a hybrid strain bred by Loud Seeds from Sonoma County in California. Chem Scout is a strain that the cup circuit is well familiar with. Making its debut in 2014 at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, winning the 2014 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain was produced as a result of back crossing Chem 91 and then hybridizing the resulting cultivar with GSC. Aroma is described as sweet cookies and loud gas. Flavor comes off as a sweet and spicy cookie with notes of fruit, fuel, and skunk. Consumers report a tingly and uplifting high that leaves them in an unfocused euphoria and cerebral state. A great strain for inducing appetite or just relaxing. Oreoz | Infused Pre-Roll | Indica-Dominant Hybrid | Cookies 'n Cream x Secret Weapon | 5ct | Oreoz is an indica-dominant strain that is made by crossing Cookies 'n Cream and Secret Weapon. Secret Weapon is a White Widow x Cheesequake cross, this is of interest to note because we don't see many white widow lineages anymore. Oreoz is characterized visually by its dark purple hued golf ball nugs, the purple leaf tone is visible through a frosty layer of trichomes. As one would expect, this cultivar does smell like America's favorite cookie and more. Described as having deep chocolatey cookie aromas. This cultivar's flavor goes further in depth, described as rich chocolate cookie, sweet cream, and a nutty gas to underline it all. Oreoz sits farther to the indica side of things, effects are reported as jump in cerebral and body effects as soon as you exhale. A sweeping euphoria grips your soul, plunging you down into a sweet indica laced couch lock. Users have found relief from chronic stress and gastrointestinal disorders with Oreoz.