Cherry Fritter x Papaya Infused Pre-Rolls

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Lift Tickets x Fresh Baked - Cherry Fritter x Papaya Infused Pre-Rolls - 5ct

Cherry Fritter x Papaya Infused Pre-Rolls

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  • THC: 42.23%


Cherry Fritter | Infused Pre-Rolls | Hybrid | Cherry Pie x Apple Fritter | 5ct | In an age where dessert strains dominate the market, the race to the top is ever ongoing. Cherry Fritter is a strong contender in this bout. A cross of Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter, Cherry Fritter tastes much like the name suggests, like a cherry pastry, similar to sweet cherries accented with dough. Aroma is the same with an added touch of sweet coffee. Cherry Fritters effects lift your spirits and infuse you with an almost tingly frenzied euphoria. A deep relaxation comes next, bringing your happiness down a notch or two and leaving you feeling kicked back and pretty sleepy. Papaya | Infused Pre-Rolls | Indica Dominant Hybrid | K.C. Mango x Citrel #13 x Ice #2 | 5ct | If ever a strain reminded us that fruity weed can pack a punch too, it would be Papaya. Bred by Nirvana Seeds by taking a mango cut from K.C. Brains, this indica dominant hybrid is known for its strong fruity presence and cheesy aftertaste. Much like the tropical locations where papaya fruit are found, this strain is a great way to escape to your own vacation from the world. Users report heavy sedative effects, calming rolling body buzz, and clarity of the mind after using this strain. The body almost feels floppy or disconnected which makes it an excellent choice for pain relief, arthritis, PTSD, and insomnia.