Strawberry Cough DVP

Liiil Stiiizy


Strawberry Cough DVP

Liiil Stiiizy

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  • THC: 83.00%


Packing a big punch in a LIIIL package. LIIIL STIIIZY is the ultimate portable, disposable vape device that delivers an unexpected vaping experience with great taste and bigger clouds. Its simplicity and portability make LIIIL STIIIZY the new on-the-go must have vape device.Strawberry Cough is a sweet Sativa with a strawberry smell and subtle aftertaste accompanied by a thick smoke that leaves even veteran tokers coughing. The sativa prevalence in this strain will lead you to a relaxed and uplifting head high. This is a great daytime strain as it can elevate your mood and energy levels without dragging you down.


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