Transcend Perfect Infused Pre-Roll

Lola Lola

Lola Lola - Transcend Perfect Infused Pre-Roll - 0.67g

Transcend Perfect Infused Pre-Roll

Lola Lola

$15 / 0.67g

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  • THC: 26.48%


Transcend is a hash-infused, high THC sativa blend (BFG, Sour Strawberry, Lemon Tree, and Wedding Crasher) designed to elevate your consciousness. You may see, hear or feel sensations in a new and different way with Transcend. Your ideas may break through boundaries into brand new territories. These Incredibly Infused Transcend Pre-Rolls feature cold-water hash from Nasha Extracts. Nasha, known for its high quality hash extracts, combined White Tahoe and Creme Brulee to create this high-THC sativa that’s guaranteed to elevate your conciousness.



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