Purple Punch x Sherbet Lift Ticket Pre-Roll


Loudpack - Purple Punch x Sherbet Lift Ticket Pre-Roll - 1g

Purple Punch x Sherbet Lift Ticket Pre-Roll


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  • THC: 17.8%


Purple Punch is a sweet and sedating indica strain smelling of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. The potency of this strain gives the consumer a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs. Purple Punch is a delicious dessert strain that is best suited for after dinner. Its effects may help with managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness. This pre-roll is made with Sherbet resin-infused paper - an intoxicating indica-leaning hybrid strain that exhibits full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy. Lift Tickets x Loudpack pre-rolls take it to the next level. They pair Lift Tickets rolling papers made with Loudpack extracts with Loudpack California grown premium flower. They include a glass tip for an even better smoking experience.  



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