Papaya Punch Green Powder Hash



Papaya Punch Green Powder Hash


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  • THC: 51.96%


Papaya Punch | Green Powder Hash | Indica-Dominant Hybrid | Papaya x Purple Punch | 1g | The popularity of the papaya strain for its terpene flavors, now mixed with the most popular strain of 2017; make for a fruity yet cheesy ride through a terpene rich universe. Purple Punch is known for its sweet sedative properties. Mixing Purple Punch with the cheesy Papaya that is known for calming the mind makes for a great meditative and relaxation strain. The aroma of Papaya Punch is fruity and berry, but towards the end of the inhale the cheese becomes apparent and takes over the exhale. Consumers have reported that Papaya Punch can have the effect of mellowing the user, though not likely to sedate. Some have experienced a boost in creativity that is a great catalyst for hands-on activities or as a conversation enhancer. Though it’s an indica-dominant strain, some reviewers have said they’ve experienced an increase in energy after which it sent them crashing into the couch.