NUG - 1:1 Prickly Pear & Key Lime Fruit Pops - 40mg
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1:1 Prickly Pear & Key Lime Fruit Pops

THC: 20mg
CBD: 20mg


Nug's freezer-optional pops lounge comfortably at the intersection of classic summer fun and boundary-pushing cannabis technology, with a healthy squeeze of fruit for good measure. Made from a water and a prickly pear-key lime puree base, each Pop is infused with both 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBD through state-of-the-art nano-emulsion technology, which maximizes bioavailability. In other words, you can expect to feel the effects of these icy treats in about 10 minutes. Enjoy frozen while you're poolside, mixed in your favorite drink, or straight up; however you do it you're sure to catch the vibe quick!   Each pouch contains two vegan, agave-sweetened, and gluten free pops.