Chernobyl Live Resin Cartridge


NUG - Chernobyl Live Resin Cartridge - 1g

Chernobyl Live Resin Cartridge


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  • THC: 89%


Nug's Live Resin carts are filled with 100% Live Resin – The pure extract from whole, California cannabis plants frozen fresh at the point of harvest. This last step preserves the flavors, aromas and effects that constitute the unique essence of that plant, delivering the most accuratere presentation of full spectrum live resin in a vape cartridge. A cross of Trainwreck, Trinity Kush and Jack the Ripper, Chernobyl is boasting with notes of brisk lime and effervescent citrus. Paired with it’s soaring, cerebral high it has cemented itself as one of the cannabis world’s most beloved uplifting, all-day-smoking strains. Nug's mission is to make it as easy as humanly possible for anyone who loves cannabis concentrates to bring their mind, body and being into contact with the entire chemical profile of a properly-cultivated cannabis plant. They’ve figured out how to get this special product into the unique form-factor of a 510-thread cartridge, ready to be enjoyed just about anywhere winds of life may take you.  



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