Dozizoz #3 Live Rosin Badder

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Dozizoz #3 Live Rosin Badder

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  • THC: 68.11%


Dozizoz | Live Rosin Badder | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Do-Si-Dos x Zkittlez | 1g | Dozizoz is an indica leaning strain that combines the sweet and sour fruitiness of Zkittlez and the nutty gas of Do-Si-Dos to create the fresh baked pie aroma of Dozizoz. Utilizing the best of both parents, Dozizoz reveals itself through an aroma of sweet berries and fruit. The flavor is more evolved though, touching on flavors of fruit punch, creamy sour apple, nutty cookies, and berry candy. The Dozizoz high is just as complex, starting in the head with an alert cerebral rush, the body lifts and the creativity gears start turning. As your mind ascends into euphoria, your body continues downward into couch lock.