Papa's Select - Dozizoz #4 Premium Live Rosin - 1g

Dozizoz #4 Premium Live Rosin

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THC: 72.67%
Papa's Select Live Rosin is a clean, pure extract sure to enhance your next dab sesh.   Dozizoz is an indica-dominant hybrid whose aromas and flavors are seemingly from another galaxy. It tastes like candy and cookie dough flavored ice cream- so intensely that you might question whether this is actually cannabis or not. This strain's high is well rounded with a slight indica tinge- making it ideal for evening use. You'll likely feel a bit more alert at the start of the high before you descend into fuzzy happiness and sleepy tranquility. Living Extracts is the name coined for Papa & Barkley's collection of Live Rosin as it speaks to the premium nature of their extracts and their careful, artisanal process. Since live rosin has been refined through an additional process it usually has a higher potency than traditional rosin and the terpene profile of the material is more distinct and robust. Their Hash Artisans source clean grown cannabis from their favorite farms with some of the most unique terpene profiles. Once chosen, the plant is harvested, trimmed, and then immediately frozen on-site. Back at the facility, this “fresh frozen” material undergoes separation by being lightly “washed” in an ice water bath by hand. This water is strained through micron screens, which catch the cannabinoid and terpene rich trichome heads while water passes through. Their artisans collect the trichomes by gently scooping them from the micron screens. The collected material is now known as Ice Water Hash. The Ice Water Hash is then cleaned and packaged or pneumatically pressed and refined into a solventless Rosin, which achieves the perfect Living Extract.