Garanimals 90u Water Hash

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Papa's Select - Garanimals 90u Water Hash - 1g

Garanimals 90u Water Hash

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  • THC: 63.53%


Garanimals | 90u Water Hash | Hybrid | Grape Pie x Animal Cookies | 1g | Garanimals or Granimals is known for its lineage from the Animal Cookies strain. Animal Cookies comes from GSC x Fire OG so it contains a pungent sour flavor. When mixed with Grape Pie, it results in heavy sweetness in the terpene profile favors. Garanimals contain tons of caryophyllene, which gives it the spicy berry aroma as well as the ability to fight inflammation and chronic pain. Some users report doughy cookies on the inhale, with an overhanging flavor of berries, a nod to the Grape Pie parent. The flavor ranges through a spectrum of delicious nostalgia: fruits, nuts, berries, and vanilla. Because of it's heavily sedating effects this strain is used by people with stress and anxiety. It is also popular for a nighttime smoke for insomnia.