Cherry Pie Cured Resin Shatter

Paper Planes


Cherry Pie Cured Resin Shatter

Paper Planes

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Cherry Pie | Cured Resin Shatter | Hybrid | Granddaddy Purple x F1 Durb | 1g | Cherry Pie is made by crossing GDP and Durban, which results in a sweet and tart cherry pie flavor. Cherry pie leans a little more to the indica side of the hybrid spectrum and is known for it's sweet cherry and pie crust flavor and it's relaxing and euphoric effects. Much like the popular 1990 single by Warrant, Cherry Pie could potentially "put a smile on your face, ten miles wide". Cherry Pie is described as having a sweet, earthy cherry aroma. Flavors include sweet cherries, earth berries, and a hint of sage. Consumers report a relaxing euphoria that puts the mind in a happy and creative place.