PB Souffle Cured Resin Shatter

Paper Planes


PB Souffle Cured Resin Shatter

Paper Planes

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  • THC: 79.91%


PBS | Cured Resin Shatter | Hybrid | Do-Si-Dos x Lava Cake | 1g | PBS or Peanut Butter Souffle is a indica-leaning strain made by crossing the rich chocolatey flavor of lava cake, with the nutty doughy flavor of Do-Si-Dos. This cultivar is described as having an aroma of earthy pungent chocolate, herbs, and nuts. Flavor is a delicious nutty chocolate, with a herby back-end and notes of spicy herb. Consumer's report a mood lifting effect that puts you in a content state while the body is slightly couch-locked. Inflammation, headaches, and depression are all conditions that this strain would be a good choice for.