1:1 Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn

Pop-Up Potcorn

Pop-Up Potcorn - 1:1 Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn - Single Serve Bag

1:1 Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn

Pop-Up Potcorn

$9 / Single Serve Bag

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  • THC: 5mg
  • CBD: 5mg


Pop-up Potcorn was born during movie night in a cannabis farm in Northern California. Unlike many edibles with small portion sizes, their low-dose, single serving mini-bags allow you enjoy a fully satisfying snack without worrying about overindulging. So go ahead, pop it up, and enjoy! Organic, Non-GMO California Popcorn. Fair Trade, Organic Palm-Oil. Pacific Ocean Sea Salt. 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per snack size mini-bag.



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