Pop-Up Potcorn - 10:1 Movie Theater Butter Pre-Popped Popcorn - 110mg

10:1 Movie Theater Butter Pre-Popped Popcorn

THC: 100mg
CBD: 10mg
Each bag of Pop-Up's Movie Theater Butter popcorn uses Sea Salt and sustainably sourced organic palm oil to give it a classic salted buttery flavor and contains approximately 10mg THC and 1mg CBD per serving. 10 servings per package, 100mg THC 10mg CBD per package. Pop-Up Potcorn was born during movie night at a cannabis farm in Northern California. Pop-Up Potcorn are farmers at heart and committed to sustainable food practices by providing wholesome snacks. The goal at Pop-Up Potcorn is to provide a convenient and consistent savory cannabis edible with a satisfying portion size in relation to cannabis quantity, using sustainable ingredients.        
  • The cannabinoid percentages (including THC and CBD) displayed on this website are merely approximations of average cannabinoid percentages typical for the products. March and Ash cannot guarantee any cannabinoid percentages, due to the organic nature of the products, as the percentages will vary batch to batch. In accordance with California regulations, each cannabis product is labeled with at least the THC and CBD content and verified by the certificate of analysis issued by a licensed testing laboratory pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 19344. March and Ash has no control over the cannabinoid content.

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