Cachuma Clouds Cartridge

Raw Garden

Raw Garden - Cachuma Clouds Cartridge - 1g

Cachuma Clouds Cartridge

Raw Garden

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  • THC: 83.28%


Raw Garden’s high potency Refined Live Resin vape cartridge is made from single-source live resin with 100% fresh frozen whole flower cannabis terpenes and cannabis oil. For use with standard 510-threaded vape battery, not included.   Cachuma Clouds is a powerful hybrid that delivers a high not unlike getting an Acme anvil dropped on your head. This is not the sort of concentrate you vape before doing your taxes, getting on a Zoom conference call, or even making toast. All you'll need is a horizontal plane to lay on and a glowing orb to look into, like the television, to park yourself in front of. Your pains will wash away and you may feel like a  disjointed blob of potential energy losing yourself in a documentary and transcending physical space in real-time. This is a heavy, long lasting high that calls for you to clear out a good portion of the day’s schedule. It's an ideal choice for anyone seeking strong cerebral effects and serious relief from pain. And for sleep, it feels similar to swaddling yourself in a warm blanket in the middle of a methane leak.  



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