Chem Kush Cartridge

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Chem Kush Cartridge

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  • THC: 84.89%


Chem Kush | Cannabis Oil Cartridge | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | Chemdawg x OG Kush | 1g | Chem Kush or sometimes called Chem OG or OG Chem is a cross of Chemdawg and OG Kush. With such amazing parents as role models, this cultivar brings forth the best of it's lineage. Aroma is described as skunky, dank earth, with a chemical diesel overtone. Loud and gassy. Flavor is described as a sweet earthy pine, chemical diesel, and woody skunk. Users report sativa like effects such as an energizing lift that leaves they sociable and creative. Also reported is a dizzying euphoria in the head.