Sour Melon Cartridge

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Sour Melon Cartridge

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  • THC: 84.93%


Sour Melon | Sativa | Unknown x SD (BX) | 3.5g | Sour Melon is a stativa strain that utilizes an unknown cultivar and a backcrossed Sour Diesel in its lineage. Although there is also a cultivar bred by Dark Karma Genetics that utilizes a back crossed Sour Diesel as well, and in place of the unknown genetic, KG Melon cut. Whatever the lineage truly is-this is a heady smoke with a melting body stone. Flavor is described as a sour melon, with floral undertones. Effects of this strain aren't widely available but some users note this strain has an energizing calm that puts you in a relaxed, yet focused mood.