Wedding Crasher x White Runtz Elite Live Resin Cartridge



Wedding Crasher x White Runtz Elite Live Resin Cartridge


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  • THC: 79.73%


Wedding Crasher | Live Resin Cartridge | Hybrid | Wedding Cake x Purple Punch | 1g | Wedding Crasher is made by crossing Wedding Cake x Purple Punch. Fruity, vanilla, and sweetness is the overall essence of this strain. With GSC and GDP both in the mix, this strain hits heavy with a talkative, creative, and uplifting high. Sweet vanilla and Dark Grape notes are apparent in its lifeblood. The high is described as heady, creative, and more sativa than indica. A great strain to crash a wedding or a couch. White Runtz | Live Resin Cartridge | Hybrid | Zkittlez x Gelato | 1g | White Runtz brings the sweet fruity taste of Skittlez and blends it with a creamy gelato gas. This indica dominant hybrid brings a uniqueness to the Zkittlez fruit candy flavor profile. White Runtz is noted for having striking white trichomes that make its buds look white like snow. Described as a sweet and sour fruit candy flavor, it hits flavor notes of a sweet earthy diesel. White Runtz produces long-lasting effects that are euphoric and buzzy. This strain features a sugary flavor profile that coats your senses.