Lemon Runtz

Soma Rosa

Soma Rosa - Lemon Runtz - 3.5g

Lemon Runtz

Soma Rosa

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  • THC: 16.60%


Lemon Runtz | Sativa | Lemon Tree x Runtz | 3.5g | Lemon Runtz is a sativa strain made by crossing Lemon Tree and Runtz. Both parental cultivars of Lemon Runtz are celebrity strains of the past decade. Combining the Lemon Peel flavor from the Santa Cruz based Lemon Tree with the sweet and sour fruit candy flavor of Runtz, this cultivar achieves a sweet and sour citrus explosion that has consumers in a euphoric candy bliss. Uplifting and energizing, this strain is the perfect wake and bake or afternoon coffee replacement you've been looking for.


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