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Strawnana Pod


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  • THC: 85.00%


Strawnana | Cannabis Oil Pod | Hybrid | Banana Kush x Strawberry pheno of Bubblegum | 0.5g | This strain is an indica Dominant hybrid. Sometimes called strawnana for short, it is the love child of Crockett’s Banana Kush and The strawberry pheno of the Bubblegum strain. Bubblegum is a sativa dominant hybrid with unknown lineage, but its effects are reported as being uplifting and its flavor sweet, a nod to its namesake. Combining the Bubblegum with Banana creates a tropadelic punch flavor with heavy banana overtone throughout. The high expresses itself in a happy, content, sometimes inward exploratory state. It is a great strain for self reflection and inward thought. Not enough sativa in it to energize your thoughts, but keep them floating throughout your mind in a present state. Because of its ability to create a space of floaty euphoria within the mind, it is a popular strain for creatives.


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