Platinum OG Infused Blunt

Three Kings Empire


Platinum OG Infused Blunt

Three Kings Empire

$12 / 1.5g

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  • THC: 38.04%


Platinum OG | Infused Blunt | Master Kush x OG Kush x Unknown | 1.5g | Platinum OG is an indica cultivar built by crossing 3 heavy strains, 1 of which is unknown. Platinum OG is characterized by its shimmery silver trichome blanket, likened to the shininess of the precious metal for which it is named. Platinum OG's aroma is described as spicy coffee and diesel. Flavor is described as Coffee, fuel, and a herbal tone. Reported effects from consumers include ephoria of the mind which evolves into a restful mindstate, clearing the head of any worry or frustration. The body is sedated with narcotic strength potency. A great strain for ending the day and clearing out negativity.