Wifi Mints Live Resin


WOX - Wifi Mints Live Resin - 1g

Wifi Mints Live Resin


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  • THC: 70.80%


WiFi Mints | Live Resin | Hybrid | White Fire OG x Animal Mints |  1g |  WiFi Mints lineage comes from White Fire OG & Animal Mints. The results are a strain that smell like both mint and pine, with light notes of fuel towards the background and a hard kush flavor punching through. The high radiates soothing indica warmth throughout the body. It delivers a thick warm buzzing full-bodied high that relaxes muscles and melts away stress like nothing else! *Effects are not claims and will vary by customer. Wox Live Resin is created with a solvent-based extraction method, using fresh frozen cannabis flower. Live resin got its name because at the time of harvest, the cannabis is cut and flash frozen within minutes to retain all the cannabinoids, terpenes and all the subtle characteristics of each strain… frozen alive! The flower stays in that frozen state until the moment it is loaded into the extraction system, where all the unwanted plant-matter, fats & lipids, and any other impurities are separated from the cannabinoids and terpenes.  This is why LIVE RESIN tastes so good compared to products that use cured plant material, the cured material has lost most of the subtle terpenes and flavors through evaporation.



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