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Recreational Cannabis Purchase and Use Requirements in San Diego


So, you want to try weed, huh? Smoke some reefer? Well fortunately for you, March and Ash, and everyone else in California with a currently valid state ID or unexpired Driver’s License, that isn’t too difficult. Due to recent laws enacted in the state of California-- laws which the voting public (you) decided to put into place just a short while ago—it’s now legal to purchase recreational marijuana from a state-licensed store. But first, be sure to check a calendar. Choose a date, start at your birthday, and count forward to the date you want to purchase your first legal bud. If you didn’t count at least 21 years out, you’re going to need to push that date back.

Once you’re 21, have your valid state ID or unexpired Driver’s License in one hand and cash (not credit or debit) in the other, your quest for some high-quality marijuana products and their many diverse derivatives in your heart has begun. Now, you’re nearly destined to ask yourself, “Where should I go?” Fear not dear reader, for you shall soon know the destination of the treasures which you seek. If you’re fortunate enough to have the internet at your fingertips or in your pocket, your search engine of choice will be able to reveal many state licensed locations near you. But, should you say, search by top rated or most liked or maybe look up, “San Diego’s most comfortable and confident cannabis experience,” you will likely come upon March and Ash.

And as San Diego’s most comfortable and confident cannabis experience, we have a website to match the vibe we live by. On that website you can find a comprehensive menu of our massively diverse cannabis product selection. Within that menu, you can scope out what you’ll see on the walls in front of you if you visit our store in Mission Valley, specifically 2835 Camino Del Rio. South #100 San Diego, CA 92108. Maybe you use it to simply peruse, maybe you pick some things to ask one of our friendly cannabis concierges about, or maybe you just so happen to drop some items into a cart and press purchase so that one of our friendly delivery drivers take it right to your home. Of course, should you prefer, we also have a phone. Don’t worry, we’re pretty chatty, too. Just call (619) 31-GREEN and we’ll hook you up.