Sabre Springs Delivery

Learn more about delivery areas when ordering from our Sabre Springs, San Diego location.

Sabre Springs, San Diego

Delivery Hours: 8am - 8pm PST / Monday - Sunday

ATTENTION FIRST TIME CUSTOMER: You must complete an identity verification process in order to receive your delivery order. You will only be asked to verify your identity in this way once. There is also a $150 order maximum on your first delivery order.

Sabre Springs Delivery Zones

Effective May 1st, no minimum order will be required for delivery. Free delivery will be available for orders over $75, and a $3.99 service fee will be applied to orders below $75.

Please refer to the following map and key to see the order minimum for your area:

Sabre Springs Delivery Map Updated

For zip codes labeled prebook, you may place an order to be delivered for the following day

You can always place an order of any size (within the state's daily purchasing limits) to be prepared for pickup from March and Ash.

If you have any questions or concerns about your individual delivery needs, please give us a call at (619) 31-GREEN.

Map may not include or reflect all cannabis delivery zones in San Diego County. Ask dispatcher for full delivery area details.

In-store pick up hours: 10 AM - 7 PM, daily

You may place an order online for in-store pick up on our website. Please allow at least one hour for order fulfillment. When you arrive at the shop, see the receptionist to let them know you are there for order pick up.


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