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Meet Shavo

from System of a Down at March and Ash

Visit March and Ash for the San Diego launch of 22Red!

Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down will be at March and Ash on Saturday, February 2nd from 12pm - 4:20pm for the San Diego launch of his lifestyle, cannabis, fashion, and music company, 22Red.

We invite San Diegans 21+ to join us as we launch 22Red, celebrate with Shavo, and raffle off a signed cymbal.

About 22Red

System of a Down’s esteemed bassist, Shavo Odadjian, recently launched 22Red, a lifestyle fusion of music, fashion, and you guessed it - cannabis. Californian dispensaries, including March and Ash, will be receiving cannabis based products for purchase in store and online.

Shavo considers himself a connoisseur of the plant and wants to bring only the highest quality of herb to the public. “I don't just want something that gets you high, I want something that makes you feel good and tastes good,” says Shavo.


Behind the Name

“I was born born April 22. I got married May 22. System of a Down started started blowing up when I was 22. That's 22 years ago. I'm 44 now. So there's a lot of 22 in my life. That always followed me and has always been good to me.

I also have a condition that is synesthesia, where you relate different senses with each other. So every time I think of numbers, since I was a kid, each number has had a color in my head. One is white, three is yellow, five is green and two has always been red.

So, 22Red is the name of the brand.”


The 22Red Experience

Do you remember that cannabis that smelled like Frankincense we smoked in the 90’s? Shavo rediscovered the once-lost cannabis, Church 22. 22Red launched pre-rolls of this strain which is now one of their signature strains, along with NEW THC & CBD vape pens.

Find 22Red’s selection in store or online!