5 Cannabis Product Recommendations From Kris Lamont

Recently, we had the honor of conducting an insightful interview with Kris Lamont, Store Manager at our City Heights branch of March and Ash. We delved into his personal insights, explored his preferences, and discovered his cherished products that have become essential in his own cannabis routines. - Written by Randy Villarba

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Recently, we had the honor of conducting an insightful interview with Kris Lamont, Store Manager at our City Heights branch of March and Ash. In this engaging conversation, Kris shared his inspiring journey, from his first encounter with March and Ash to his remarkable growth within the cannabis industry. We delved into his personal insights, explored his preferences, and discovered his cherished products that have become essential in his own cannabis routines.

“I’m coming up on my fourth year and loving every minute of the ride,” said Kris Lamont.

Being one of the OG’s at March and Ash, Lamont’s role has grown with the company over the last few years. His experience in the industry has helped him grow into the role he currently holds.

“I started at the back end of things in the old shipping and expeditor days intaking product, barcoding, and packing delivery orders. Now I am on the retail management side.”

Kris Lamont's Top 5

Lamont had some insight to share to those looking to get into or advance within the cannabis industry.

“The industry can be challenging, but if you really want to do well, just do these three things. Be consistent, practice your patience and remember to have fun.”

Join us as we dive into Kris Lamont's top choices of cannabis brands spanning diverse product categories. Whether you're new to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur, these well-loved products are sure to pique your interest.

Kris Lamont's Top 5

Kalya - Fresh Press Rosin

“I am just a fan of fresh press rosin,” explained Lamont. “I enjoy the work the cultivators and Kalya have to put in to produce those terps.”

Kalya Extracts rosin emerges as a distinguished, award-winning item, establishing a fresh benchmark within the industry. What distinguishes it is the distinctive extraction technique that employs fresh, uncured cannabis blossoms—departing from the conventional rosin sourced from dried flowers, kief, or hash. This inventive method yields an unparalleled experience, presenting a richer and more intricate flavor spectrum compared to other cannabis concentrates. Through the infusion of monoterpenes exclusively discovered in newly harvested cannabis, users can relish an elevated sensory expedition that is truly unparalleled.

Kalya - Fresh Press Rosin

Kalya - Rosin Rosin Sauce All In One Pen

Kalya Rosin Sauce All In One Pens utilize the new Omega XL hardware from Kung Fu Vapes. The latest in all in one vape pen technology, the Omega XL has an added switch on the bottom that provides a five second preheat when it is first turned on.

This action helps the oil soak into the all ceramic bucket with no wick underneath. This delivers fat flavorful rips every time. The new pen also offers improved airflow and a slicker design.

“The second version of these Kalya Rosin Sauce all in one pens that have come out are game changing,” Lamont testified. “In my opinion there isn't anything better. Best hardware, best taste, best high.”

Kalya - Rosin Rosin Sauce All In One Pen

Rockets Pre-Roll Packs - American Weed Co.

As a cannabis company founded by veterans, American Weed Co. is dedicated to delivering cannabis products that are both clean and effective, while also using their influence to advocate for meaningful change. The pursuit of unwavering quality is a core principle and a driving passion for the cultivators at American Weed Co. Leading their team is the Master of Terpenes, a seasoned professional with two decades of expertise in terpene innovation and formulation. Collaborating through an exclusive method called Terpene Stacking, they've meticulously crafted their product line.

“American Weed Co. offers such a clean and evenly smokeable pre-roll,” said Lamont. “They crush it in the roll and it always burns even till the end.”

Rockets Pre-Roll Packs - American Weed Co.

This unique approach to infusing their cannabis prioritizes the effects. The primary objective of American Weed Co. is to offer a product that consistently delivers exceptional taste, aroma, and impact with each use. The American Weed Co. flower is thoughtfully prepared, available in specially packaged forms infused with terpenes or THCa. Furthermore, pre-rolls from American Weed Co. are enriched with terpenes and liquid diamonds, expertly coated in kief to provide an unparalleled experience.

SFV OG - Traditional

Incorporating the essence of their name, Traditional embodies loyalty and trust, reflecting their identity and purpose. Established in 2005 and deeply rooted in Los Angeles, Traditional’s unwavering ethos has always aimed to surpass expectations and set new standards in the cannabis industry. Throughout their journey, Traditional has evolved hand in hand with fellow brands and operators, fostering a symbiotic relationship that supports each other's successes.

SFV OG - Traditional

“I am a big fan of Traditional’s grow,” Lamont said. “My favorite strain from them has always been Caicos, but this SFV OG smells and looks incredible.”

Crafted from a distinct OG Kush Phenotype, SFV OG Kush is the result of meticulous breeding by Cali Connection Farms. When indulged, SFV OG envelopes the palate with notes of earthiness, pine, and a hint of skunky lemon that lingers. This strain is purported to offer euphoria accompanied by a cerebral burst of creativity and calm. The dominant terpenes present in SFV OG are caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool.

THC Distillate Soft Gels - Buddies

Buddies stands as a prominent cannabis brand hailing from the West Coast, firmly connected to the fundamental aspects of cannabis culture. Providing an all-encompassing cannabis journey, Buddies boasts an extensive wealth of expertise derived from years of cultivation and processing know-how. With a profound comprehension of the artistry and progression within the industry, Buddies embraces its contemporary incarnation.

Among their offerings, Buddies presents THC Distillate Soft Gels—a range of pharmaceutical-grade soft gels meticulously fashioned from their acclaimed concentrate. These soft gels are thoughtfully enriched with gelatin, glycerine, and MCT oil, encapsulating the essence of the Buddies experience.

THC Distillate Soft Gels - Buddies

“For me personally, I find Buddies Capsules to work wonders,” Lamont revealed.

“I am already a big boy, so having to not eat a bunch of cookies or candy and still get the same effects without feeling groggy is a win win for me. Incredible product!”

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