IYKYK - American Weed Co. Growing and Fighting for Federal Legalization

As a veteran owned cannabis company, American Weed Co. is on a mission to provide clean and effective cannabis products, and in turn use their voice to help push for change. - Written by Randy Villarba

American Weed Co. is building the most “badass brand” in cannabis. As a veteran owned cannabis company, American Weed Co. is on a mission to provide clean and effective cannabis products, and in turn use their voice to help push for change. They recognize how medical cannabis has helped many of their brothers and sisters in arms and believe the time to legalize cannabis for Veterans nationwide is now.

The American people appreciate our military and their role in protecting our freedoms. American Weed Co. was founded with a mission to create a brand that resonates with a diverse range of individuals, including those who have served in the military. They believe that all families, including those of veterans, are an important part of our community.

As military personnel transition to veteran status, American Weed Co. aims to embrace a wide range of individuals, including veterans, their families, and those with an affinity for the military. Even those without direct military ties can find resonance with American Weed Co.’s distinctive and empowering lifestyle brand.

Fighting for Quality and Innovation

The goal of consistent quality is an ethos and obsession for the cultivators at American Weed Co. Their Master of Terpenes is a 20-year expert on terpene innovation and formulation. He helped design the products via a proprietary process known as Terpene Stacking.

This process of infusing their cannabis keeps the focus on effects. American Weed Co. wants to provide a product that has the same awesome taste, smell and effect every single time. American Weed Co. flower is available in packaged flower that has been terpene or THCa infused. American Weed Co. also has pre-rolls that come stacked with terpenes, diamonds and are rolled in kief.

Fighting for Quality and Innovation

American Weed Co. has streamlined their flower into three effects-driven offerings. They wanted to make it easy for customers to find the right cannabis strain for their needs, day or night. American Weed Co. grows clean, high-quality indoor weed, using only all-natural terpenes that already exist in cannabis for the same great taste, smell and feel.

Their Devil’s Dawn line is your Daily MVP weed. This cultivar gets its bomb flavor from the classic Lemon Haze and can be described as citrusy, earthy and hazy. Devil’s Dawn was curated for more social and active activities. Devil’s Dawn is a perfect strain for when you need to go out and about, have something to do, somewhere to be, or someone to meet up with. Their Devil’s Dawn is purported to provide a calming, happy and mellow vibe.

Armored Angel is your sleepy time go-to weed. These are cultivars that are a nice choice for a calm environment before bedtime. Infused with 5mg of CBN isolate, the THC activates the CBN most effectively. It is a must have for your pre-bedtime routine. Armored Angel is purported to offer a relaxing sleepy effect that can help you refresh your mind and body.

American Weed Co.’s Bombed Buzz is your Netflix and Chill weed. Bred from a heavy phenotype of OG Kush, this product line is perfect for smokers looking to slow down the body and mind in order to relax. Bombed Buzz flower is perfect for the end of the work day or a weekend chill. It’s also a great choice for when you want to stay in and watch a movie or binge watch your favorite shows. Bombed Buzz is purported to provide a nice balance of mind and body to keep users calm, cool and collected. Some users have reported experiencing a balance of euphoria and bliss.

Knights of the National Cannabis Roundtable

Having served in our Nation’s wars, it was only fitting that American Weed Co. take the war on drugs (more specifically cannabis) head on. American Weed Co. is a strong voice for medical and recreational marijuana reform not only with state laws, but with federal law as well. They understand this country still has a lot to learn about legalized cannabis before public opinion starts to turn and it can be nationally accepted and rescheduled on the Controlled Substances Act. That is why they currently work with the largest lobbying firm in the world to push for further legalization and marijuana law reform.

Knights of the National Cannabis Roundtable

American Weed Co. is part of the National Cannabis Roundtable (NCR), the federal cannabis policy reform coalition, co-chaired by former Speaker of the House John Boehner, and former HHS Secretary and Governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius. Holding a voting seat in the NCR allows American Weed Co. to join our Federal Government leaders on both sides of the aisle in leading a common sense movement for federal legalization.

They are actively educating policymakers on the merits of veterans that use cannabis, in lieu of opioids, to treat their ailments. It is the goal of American Weed Co. to persuade policymakers to pursue cannabis legalization and regulation that makes the federal government an ally of innovation, sustainability and social responsibility.

Growing For Good

American Weed Co. also understands some of the struggles some veterans go through. As a result, a portion of every American Weed Co. purchase goes directly to Stop Soldier Suicide. Stop Soldier Suicide is a veteran-founded-and-led organization that knows firsthand that when a loved one serves, the entire family does too.

Stop Soldier Suicide is proud to serve every member of the military and veteran communities. They believe that no one who has served our country should ever feel alone. Stop Soldier Suicide serves all service members, veterans, and military families from every branch and every generation, regardless of discharge status.


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