5 Cannabis Product Recommendations From Rhettry Griebel

We met with Rhettry Griebel, Store Manager at our Sabre Springs location. Our discussion delved into his personal insights, explored his product preferences, and unveiled the cannabis essentials that have become integral to his own routines. - Written by Randy Villarba

At March and Ash, we take immense pride in presenting our exceptional team of experts from the cannabis industry. Our team is composed of highly informed and seasoned professionals who are passionately committed to assisting customers as they embark on their exploration of the world of cannabis products.

Recently, we had the privilege of conducting an enlightening interview with Rhettry Griebel, who serves as the Store Manager at our Sabre Springs location. During this conversation, Griebel shared his journey in the cannabis industry, culminating in his remarkable growth at March and Ash. Our discussion delved into his personal insights, explored his product preferences, and unveiled the cannabis essentials that have become integral to his own routines.

“I have been in the industry for just over seven years,” said Griebel.

“I have worked multiple positions throughout my time in the industry from being a brand ambassador and sales rep, to a buyer, dispensary manager, and marketing manager. I have had the opportunity to work for vertically integrated companies to gain a great amount of experience seeing the cannabis process from seed to sale.”

Griebel has had the opportunity to have his hand in all levels of vertical integration. He shared these insights for those looking for advice on how to grow within the cannabis industry.

“Learn all that you can. There are so many avenues in this industry. Find your niche or what you are good at and pursue it full on.”

Rhettry Griebel’s Top 5

Come along with us as we explore Rhetty Griebel's favorite cannabis brands, which encompass a wide range of product categories. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast, these beloved products are bound to capture your attention.

Rhettry Griebel’s Top 5

THC Rich Fire & Ice Roll-On Topical - Buddies

“I use THC Rich Fire & Ice Roll-On for muscle soreness after surfing,” said Griebel. “It gets deep in the muscle and really works for me.”

Buddies is a West Coast cannabis brand rooted to the core elements of cannabis. Buddies offers a holistic and unique cannabis experience. Through all their years of combined experience in cultivation and processing, Buddies understands the craftsmanship and evolution of the industry.

Buddies High Times Cup winning Fire & Ice Roll-On Topical is available in 1000mg THC and a 1:1 (250mg CBD/250mg THC). Fire & Ice is all natural, non-greasy, has an easy roller application, and is enhanced with organic essential oils.

THC Rich Fire & Ice Roll-On Topical - Buddies

Blackberry Elderberry CBN Releaf Gummies - Papa & Barkley

“This product really helps me get into a deep sleep,” said Griebel. “After a busy day and I need to get my REM sleep this is my go to.”

Handcrafted in small batches by the skilled confectionery team at Papa & Barkley, these vegan Sleep Releaf Gummies deliver 2mg of CBD, 4mg of THC and 1mg of CBN per serving. Created using solventless CBD and CBN sourced directly from the plant, and featuring Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, these gummies are designed to help you achieve quicker sleep onset, longer restful sleep, and a refreshed morning awakening. Infused with the natural fruit flavors of blackberry and elderberry, these sleep gummies serve as the ideal bedtime indulgence.

Blackberry Elderberry CBN Releaf Gummies - Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley's gummies are formulated with non-GMO cannabis cultivated on US farms committed to organic and regenerative farming practices. Their solventless, chemical-free, Whole Plant Full Spectrum™ infusion method preserves the complete array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients found in the plant.

Rosin Sauce DVPs - Kalya

“This little device is amazing,” Griebel said of Kalya’s new all-in-one rosin sauce pens.

“The dab hit you need when you forget the rig at home or simply just don't feel like breaking the gear out. Kalya produces some top tier solventless.”

The Kalya Rosin Sauce all-in-one pens feature the cutting-edge Omega XL hardware by Kung Fu Vapes. Representing the pinnacle of all-in-one vape pen technology, the Omega XL incorporates an innovative bottom switch that initiates a five-second preheat when activated.

This preheat action facilitates the efficient absorption of oil into the all-ceramic bucket, eliminating the need for a wick underneath. This creates a consistently rich and flavorful draw with every use. Additionally, the new Kalya pen boasts enhanced airflow and a sleeker, more stylish design.

Rosin Sauce DVPs - Kalya

Unruly OG - Blem

Backed by the cultivation expertise of Cali Lotus, Blem is passionately devoted to the careful selection of California's premium cannabis offerings. Blem has an unwavering pursuit honoring the vibrant essence of cannabis culture. Blem is dedicated to introducing aficionados to novel and invigorating encounters. The name 'Blem' itself derives from the patois term signifying 'an elevated state of being.' beautifully encapsulating the lively spirit they aim to cultivate.

“Blem flower speaks for itself,” said Griebel “If you like a solid OG, you need to give Blem’s Unruly OG a try.”

Unruly OG - Blem

Unruly OG invites you on a nostalgic voyage reminiscent of the early 2000s. Possessing a sturdy composition and an aromatic profile characterized by potent, pungent, and cedar-like scents, this strain effortlessly transports you to the exact moments when you initially savored OG Kush.

Unruly OG is purported to provide calm, euphoric, and uplifting effects. Unruly OG is a great flower for relaxed movie nights or tranquil social get-togethers. Its primary terpenes include limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.

Hifi Sessions Hoppy Chill THC Beverage - Lagunitas/ ABX

“First off, Lagunitas is my favorite beer company,” said Griebel.

“As I get older alcohol gets harder on my body, so I rarely have a drink these days. I do miss being able to come home from a long week and reward myself with a beer. This product is the perfect replacement.”

Lagunitas, renowned craft brewers, and AbsoluteXtracts joined forces to create the mellow and refreshing beverage known as Hi-Fi Sessions. This sparkling hop water contains zero alcohol and is infused with water-soluble THC sourced from the finest California-grown cannabis. ABX and Lagunitas employ water-soluble THC and CBD in the production of Hi-Fi Sessions, allowing for rapid absorption into your bloodstream without the need for digestion. Hi-Fi Sessions offers three distinct dosages: a 10mg THC option for maximum relaxation, a balanced 5mg CBD to 5mg THC ratio for a harmonious high, and a gentle 2mg CBD to 2mg THC option for those seeking a mild experience.

Hifi Sessions Hoppy Chill THC Beverage - Lagunitas/ ABX

At March and Ash, our unwavering commitment revolves around elevating the customer journey through the world of cannabis. Our devoted team boasts extensive expertise and hands-on familiarity with California's premium cannabis offerings. Whether you're an experienced connoisseur or new to the cannabis world, we're here to accompany you every step of the way.

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