BHO Versus Rosin: Which is Better?

Let’s take a closer look and compare two of the most popular methods of cannabis extraction: Butane Hash Oil and Solventless Rosin. Written by Randy Villarba

BHO Versus Rosin: Which is Better?

Dabbers and hash heads tend to have high tolerances and discerning palates. Over the years, the way that dabbers consume concentrates has significantly changed. What originally started as dabbing trim run shatter on glass globes or titanium nails and skillets has evolved into low temping programmable electronic devices and quartz bangers on heady dab rigs.

With a mouth full of words like that, the culture of dabs may be intimidating to the novice cannabis user. These concentrates and live resin extracts are extremely potent and geared towards those with higher tolerances. If you are just starting your journey into the concentrates world, be sure to consult your concierge to learn more about which of these products would be better suited for you.

Understanding the different consistencies of concentrates and the process of how they are made goes a long way in the ability to identify high quality cannabis extracts. Let’s take a closer look and compare two of the most popular methods of cannabis extraction: Butane Hash Oil and Solventless Rosin.

What is BHO?

Butane Hash Oil or BHO is the most utilized method for cannabis extraction. Refined laboratory grade butane is used for extraction due to its low boiling point. This allows extractors to use vacuum ovens to slowly cook off the butane and separate the chlorophyll and plant matter, while leaving the cannabinoids and terpenes unaltered.

What is BHO?

BHO extracts come in different consistencies, depending on the methods or starting plant material. On the higher quality end, live resin extracts come in various forms, from your batters, budder sauces, sugars and THCA diamonds. Cannabis concentrates in the form of shatters, crumbles and cured resin extracts are typically made from cannabis trim or aged flower.

This meticulous process allows extractors to ensure that no residual butane is left in the final product. All products sold at state legal dispensaries are independently tested by a state licensed laboratory. As soon as the extracts are tested for cannabinoid and terpene content, and verified free of harmful solvents, it is ready to be packaged for the consumer.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate made with the simplicity of two things, heat and pressure. Pressing rosin is the simplest way to extract resin from the cannabis plant. What was once made at home with parchment paper and a hair straightener with homegrown cannabis has evolved to commercial grows and industrial hydraulic presses.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a great representation of its starting material, whether it be bubble hash, kief, fresh or frozen flower. Since rosin is made without chemicals, gasses or solvents during the extraction process, there is no way to alter the cannabis’ original chemical composition.

Is Rosin Better than BHO?

Most Canna-sseurs consider solventless rosin to be the cleanest representation of the plant because only fresh cannabis or frozen plants are typically used as starting material. No expensive vacuum ovens and no bombproof labs are necessary to create rosin. Rosin is merely top shelf cannabis concentrate made using only heat and pressure, so the quality of the starting material shines through during this process.

Is Rosin Better than BHO?

Rosin offers a wider spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that come from the plant. Keeping the plant as intact as it was when harvested and trimmed, maximizes the quality and in some cases the yield when it is extracted and pressed. It is essential to keep rosin stored cold throughout the packaging, delivery and storage processes to maintain its quality.

710 Labs - Bootylicious #1 Persy Live Rosin

  • THC: 74.53%
  • Cannabinoids: 77.99%
  • Terpenes: Nondisclosed

Kalya - Peach Bellini Rosin

  • THC: 72.20%
  • Cannabinoids: 89.30%
  • Terpenes: 5.35% - Limonene 19.71 mg, Caryophyllene 12.98 mg, Linalool 4.47 mg

TerpX - Peaches & Cream Live Rosin

  • THC: 68.01%
  • Cannabinoids: 83.10%
  • Terpenes: 4.63% - Caryophyllene 16.81 mg, Limonene 9.24 mg, Pinene 7.38 mg

Rosin Vapes

The last few years, advances in vape technology have allowed for more portable and discrete methods to consume rosin. Rosin lovers looking for something more discreet than their Carta, Puffco or Proxy now have access to rosin in a cartridge, pod or disposable vape pen. Here are a few options available on the shelves at March and Ash.

Rosin Vapes

710 Labs - GMO Persy Pod

  • THC: 84.72%
  • Cannabinoids: 89.90%
  • Terpenes: Nondisclosed

Real Deal Resin - Blumosa Rosin DVP

  • Blumosa Rosin DVP
  • THC: 79.78%
  • Cannabinoids: 89.32%
  • Terpenes: 4.94% Caryophyllene 11.743 mg, Myrcene 9.594 mg, Limonene 9.051 mg

Jetty Extracts - GMO Solventless Cartridge

  • THC: 78.77%
  • Cannabinoids: 86.68%
  • Terpenes: 4.56% - Limonene 14.431mg, Caryophyllene 12.49mg, Myrcene 6.52mg

Is BHO Better than Rosin?

While the flavors solventless rosin offers are arguably unparalleled, some may argue that the BHO extraction process with the right equipment, material and lab techniques can potentially produce higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in their concentrates. Lab testing in the cannabis industry has given true metrics as to what a master extractor with access to premium starting material can do.

Is BHO Better than Rosin?

Companies like Humboldt Terp Council, Cannabiotix, ABX, Raw Garden and Bear Labs have been setting the bar of what you can now expect from BHO live resin extracts.

Cannabiotix - Cereal Milk Live Resin Apple Sauce

  • THC: 80.55%
  • Cannabinoids: 83.17%
  • Terpenes: 6.31% - Limonene 15.33 mg, Caryophyllene 14.24 mg, Linalool 6.75 mg

Humboldt Terp Council - Wedding Pie 2.0 Live Rosin

  • THC: 67.50%
  • Cannabinoids: 88.74%
  • Terpenes: 5.48% - Limonene 16.679 mg, Caryophyllene 16.267 mg, Humulene 5.165 mg


  • Dosi-Cake Sauce + Diamonds - 1g
  • THC: 82.21%
  • Cannabinoids: 83.34%
  • Terpenes: 2.57% - Limonene 9.16 mg, Myrcene 4.35 mg, Caryophyllene 3.02 mg

BHO Vapes (Live Resin Vapes)

Even though there has been a slow shift towards solventless vapes, the terpene levels of some BHO extracted live resin hits numbers out of the park. Companies like Raw Garden and Stiiizy have helped normalize the regularity of vapes. Companies like ABX have shown via their lab results, that a properly executed extract can blow some rosin vape terpene and cannabinoid numbers out of the water by comparison.

BHO Vapes (Live Resin Vapes)

Instead of taking your torch and dab rig out in public, with vapes you can be a little bit more discreet. Grab the latest cartridge, pod or disposable vape pen from ABX, Raw Garden and Stiiizy to try some of the best BHO (live resin) vapes today..

ABX - Farmer's Reserve Super Lemon Haze Sauce Cartridge

  • THC: 76.52%
  • Cannabinoids: 83.62%
  • Terpenes: 8.15% - Terpinolene 25.81mg, Caryophyllene 15.89mg, Ocimene 15.05mg

Raw Garden - Tangelo Cartridge

  • THC: 86.99%
  • Cannabinoids: 92.64%
  • Terpenes: 7.2652% - Myrcene 25.81 mg, Limonene 12.37 mg,Terpinolene 12.32 mg

Stiiizy - Premium Jack DVP

  • THC: 88.21%
  • Cannabinoids: 93.83%
  • Terpenes: Nondisclosed


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