IYKYK: Lolo and Paper Planes: Classic Affordable Cannabis

Created on the west coast, Lolo and Paper Planes deliver potent and high quality cannabis strains and concentrates at a competitive price. Written by Randy Villarba

Lolo Keeps You High and Their Prices Low

Lolo is a cannabis brand that believes in keeping you high and their prices low. Created on the west coast, Lolo delivers potent and high quality cannabis strains at a super affordable price point.

Lolo sources their product and packaging with value in mind, and in turn passes that value forward to their customers. Efficient and high quality production is another way that this brand helps keep their prices low. By streamlining their cultivation practices they are able to provide consistent and quality products with multiple strains to satisfy their discerning consumers. With no frills and gimmicks, Lolo’s motto rings true - cheap gas, white ash.

Transparency is standard at Lolo. All of their products are labeled with a QR code that links directly to its Certificate of Analysis, or COA. COA's are the state tested lab results that give you visibility of the levels of THC levels, cannabinoids and terpenes present in your flower.

Cheap Gas, White Ash

Lolo understands the importance of sticking to the classic strains like Blue Dream, Headband, Jack Herer, OG Kush and Super Silver Haze. Each strain is true to their flavors, effects and terpene profiles.

Lolo also knows how to have fun with their new hybrid strains. They typically name their new weed strains after what is trending online. In the past they have released strains with the names #FreeBritney, #IslandBois, #KylesMom, #LisaSimpson and even #PickleRick.

Cheap Gas, White Ash

Paper Planes on a Different Plain

Paper Planes extracts have been consistently recognized for their exceptional terpene profiles and overall quality since its inception in 2012. Paper Planes has since mastered the art of extraction and streamlined their efficient and proprietary extraction procedures. They have accumulated fifteen awards and taken home the gold in the High Times Cup, Festival Cup and Sacramento Cup. Paper Planes brings high THC and terpene ladened top-shelf products to consumers at a competitive price.

Paper Planes on a Different Plain

According to Paper Planes, if you listen to the plant, great products will follow. It all starts with only using the finest and most unique strains. Paper Planes’ relationships with the best growers in California goes back decades to the medical cannabis era. Their relationships with these farms were built on trust, mutual respect and friendship.

Paper Planes has built the same level of trust and respect with their customers and patients. The promise to their customers is to never alter their cannabis products in any way.

paper planes concentrate - 1200 630

“We are pretty vocal about it, “explains Carter, Founder and President of Paper Planes. “You could say we’re on a different plane. We never use CRC for any Paper Planes products.”

CRC tech stands for the color remediation column technology that is typically used to filter out any heavy metals, residual pesticides, excess flavors, and byproducts created by the blasting process of high-quality cannabis concentrate. As more understanding of the benefits and harms of CRC continues to grow, the debate about whether its final product is safe or not continues to intensify.

“I think the main reason for that is because for us, we’re just not able to get the true makeup, the true genetic makeup of the strain to come through in the end product when you are using those CRC filtration powders."

"We are just really, really focused on being able to give the cultivators we work with a true representation of the flower they grew. Be able to know if they harvested correctly, at the right time. If everything is done right, it will really come through in the extract and you’ll get a beautiful end product.”

paper planes shatter - 1200 630

Carter continues to explain that Paper Planes “wants to focus more on our relationship with our cultivators. The whole fire in, fire out concept that we have is something we really live by. We want to focus more on sourcing the best cannabis in California.”

"We want to be on top of what is coming out from the best growers, get their best harvests. You know we’ll pay top dollar for it. That way we can bring you guys a true fire extract out the other side.”

Lemon Meringue Live Resin Sauce

  • THC: 81.95%
  • Cannabinoids: 85.53%
  • Total Terpenes: 46.77%
  • Top Three Terpenes: Terpinolene 19.50 mg, Caryophyllene 5.80 mg, Ocimene 4.95 mg
Lemon Meringue Live Resin Sauce


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