Women in Cannabis: Featuring Brindley Polk

In honor of women's history month, we will be highlighting a few of the women that have helped grow March and Ash, sharing their unique experiences and stories working in the cannabis industry. Let us introduce you to Brindley Polk, Special Projects Manager at March and Ash. - Written by Randy Villarba

March is the month when we celebrate Women's History Month, a time to recognize and honor the achievements and contributions of women in the United States. In the cannabis industry, women are breaking barriers, transforming the landscape, and paving the way for others to follow.

As the recreational cannabis industry continues to thrive, more women are taking on leadership roles and even starting their own businesses. Promoting fairness, social equity, and justice for both genders within legal cannabis companies is a hallmark of female leadership.

Through this feature series, we aim to showcase some of the women who have played a pivotal role in the development of March and Ash, sharing their unique experiences and stories working in the cannabis industry. Let us introduce you to Brindley Polk, Special Projects Manager at March and Ash.

What motivated you to enter the cannabis market as a career, and what was your starting point in this field?

I came from the restaurant Industry. In the spring of 2020 it became obvious that the restaurant industry would never be the same. I decided this was an opportunity to pursue my passions; one of which is cannabis. I applied to March and Ash in June of 2020 and was hired as a VCC in our delivery department.

What cannabis products do you typically use? How do you prefer to consume cannabis?

I prefer to smoke flower and eat edibles. My current favorite strain is Cali Biscotti from Cali Lotus, and I love the Hashtabs from Level.

As a woman, in what ways do you believe your experience working in the cannabis industry has been influenced?

Before being hired at March and Ash my relationship with cannabis was strictly personal. I remember feeling under qualified to actually work in the cannabis industry. However, I quickly learned that this industry is about sharing one’s personal experiences to help benefit those coming in to find a product to better their lives. I work with a wonderful team of women who are incredibly knowledgeable and who put each other up.

What guidance would you offer to women who aspire to enter the cannabis industry, and what steps can they take to position themselves for triumph?

My only advice is to pursue your passions. This industry is ever changing, and there isn’t anything you cannot teach yourself. Utilize the tools and people around you.

In a heavily regulated industry, how do you effectively manage day to day operations and the demands of complying with regulatory requirements while still fostering creativity and entrepreneurship in your role?

I am lucky in the way that this has not been too much of a challenge for my job. As a company March and Ash is always striving to be the standard for regulatory compliance. For me, it’s just a matter of maintaining relationships and proper communication between departments.


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